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Seconday State Core

The Big Six Information Problem-Solving Process© serves as a structure upon which to build relevant skills. The Big6™ process allows for integration of problem-solving skills throughout the curriculum. It accommodates different learning styles, rates, and capabilities. When using Big6™ skills, students apply the following questions to guide them:

  1. Task Definition: What needs to be done?
  2. Information-Seeking Strategies: Which resources can I use?
  3. Location and Access: Where can I find these resources?
  4. Use of Information: Which information should I use for these resources?
  5. Synthesis: How can I share what I learned?
  6. Evaluation: How will I know I did my job well?

The process is sequential but accommodates branching, jumping out of sequence, and looping back to any previous stage. The Big6™ Information Problem-Solving Process© places the Secondary Library Media/Information Literacy Core Standards, not in isolation, but at the center as an integral part of all the other subject area core curricula.

This core is based on Information Problem-Solving: The Big Six Skills© Approach to Library Information Skills Instruction by Michael B. Eisenburg and Robert E. Berkowitz.


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