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Core Standards


The primary purpose of the school library media program and this standard is to empower students to be effective users of ideas and information in all formats in a constantly changing learning environment. Students need the opportunity to grow as independent, efficient, responsible, and creative users of information. A student's curiosity and motivation must be nurtured to realize success. In a time of constant and rapid change, educators are faced with the challenge of preparing students for the experiences they will encounter as they proceed throughout the twenty-first century.

Through the proficient use of skills and content learned in the Library Media Core Standards, students will be able to grow with the changes that technology brings to their lives. Students will actively use and enjoy literature to develop the imagination and nourish the thinking process. Students will become socially empowered as they learn to manage media in their lives and understand the media messages which inundate them daily.

The school library media teacher's role as master teacher, information specialist, and standards partner encourages the involvement of global access to information use of technology as an effective learning and teaching tool, and the continuation of reading for information and enjoyment. The school library media teacher must continue to seek the best techniques and strategies to empower students.

In the absence of a licensed school media teacher, the classroom teacher must take the lead in the implementation of the Library Media Core Standards with the support of school library media personnel and resources.

The responsibility for achieving the purpose of the School Library Media Standards resides in the collaborative efforts of the school library media teacher staff, classroom teacher, student, support staff, administrators, board of education, and communities.