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Journalism Curriculum

Developed by Utah Teachers: Hall, Seal, Pons, Greenwood

Journalism Curriculum   Journalism Curriculum

“A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself,” Arthur Miller

Course Description

Introduction to journalism is an exciting, fast-paced orientation into the highly competitive field of journalism. This course will give students a chance to work in an upbeat environment where you will improve writing, interviewing and photography skills, work with programs like Adobe InDesign and Premiere Pro and learn to use equipment such as digital cameras, video cameras, sound recorders and lighting equipment. Students will learn their civic responsibility through a close examination of the First Amendment with specific attention placed on the Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech.

Curriculum Map/Planning

A scholastic journalism curriculum should be created and based on your school’s needs and local requirements. It is suggested that Standards 1-8 be followed somewhat chronologically and that Standards 9-15 should be integrated throughout and/or used as independent units and lessons as needed.

Utah Core Standards Cross Reference

The Utah Core Standards are cross-referenced with the Introduction to Journalism standards in order to provide a clear connection between a journalism course and the Core. Students completing a journalism curriculum following these guidelines will have fulfilled Language Arts standards and could qualify to receive Language Arts credit for the course.

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