Actions and Program


Utah studied cursive writing during the 2012-2013 school year. A committee of classroom teachers, university faculty, and literacy specialists met to look at the relevant research and data. This committee created language for the Utah Core Standards that was presented to the State Board of Education in April, 2013. Public comment was requested during April and May, 2013, and a summary of the comments was presented to the Board on June 7, 2013.

The State School Board voted to approve the additions to the Utah Core Standards that include teaching manuscript and cursive writing and also include building fluency in reading cursive writing.

Handwriting (both manuscript and cursive) is an important skill for students to learn. Teaching and practicing writing allows students to write letters correctly and efficiently. Fluent writers are able to focus on generating idea, producing grammatically correct text, and considering audience. Even when a student moves to a computer or other device, that writing fluency is important to the composing process.

If you are interested in the research about cursive writing, the following is a list of some research and information about the role of handwriting in student learning.

  1. Educating Students in the Computer Age to be Multilingual by Hand
  2. Critical Role of Handwriting
  3. Effect of Time
  4. The Role of Orthographic-Motor Integration
  5. Effect of Handwriting Style on Alphabet Recognition
  6. Manuscript and Transition to Cursive
  7. 30 Years of Writing Research
  8. Want to Improve Children's Writing?
  9. Handwriting Development, Competency, and Intervention
  10. Research in Writing Instruction
  11. Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective
  12. Slow Handwriting of Undergraduate Students
  13. Development of Handwriting Speed
  14. Is Handwriting Causally to Learning to Write
  15. Writing Legibly
  16. Handwriting Remediation Computer and Traditional
  17. Handwriting in the 21st Century?
    An Education Summit (Videos of Six Researchers Presenting on Handwriting).

Utah has a cadre of Certified Handwriting instructors available; please email tiffany.hall[at] if you need information.

The revised Utah Core Standards are posted here