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Rating-Recommendation Criteria


Recommended Primary
Instructional Materials that are aligned with the content, philosophy and instructional strategies of the Core; may be used by students as principle sources of study, provide comprehensive coverage of course content.

Recommended Limited
Instructional materials that may be used or purchased and are in limited alignment with Core requirements or are narrow or restricted in their scope and sequence. If school districts or schools select and purchase materials recommended under this category, it is recommended that they have a plan for using appropriate supplemental materials assuring coverage of Core requirements.

Recommended Teacher Resource
Instructional materials designed for student use, but are better suited to be used as resources for teachers.

Recommended Student Resource
Instructional materials aligned to the Core that are developmentally appropriate, but not intended to be the primary instructional resource. These materials may provide valuable enrichment for students.

Reviewed, But Not Recommended
Instructional materials that may not be aligned with the Core, may be inaccurate in content, include misleading connotations, contain undesirable presentation, are in conflict with existing law and rules, or are unsuitable for use by students. School districts are strongly cautioned against using these materials.

Not Sampled
Instructional materials that were included in the publisher bid but were not sampled to the USOE or the commission.

Not Reviewed
Materials that are not reviewed, but may be purchased consistent with the law and Rule 277-469-6 and are subject to district review: Advanced Placement materials, International Baccalaureate materials, concurrent enrollment materials, library or trade books, reference materials, teachers' professional teachers' materials which are not components of an integrated instructional program. Galley proofs or unfinished copies are not reviewed.