Professional Development | Infinity Style

What is Infinity-style Professional Development?

Infinity means going to a concert, play, performance or exhibit by professional
artists. It means discussions and artistic explorations with artists, fellow educators, and master teachers. It means you might be infected with renewed facility for growth, the thrill of expanded vision, and the passion to go to Infinity and beyond!

Where did Infinity come from?

Infiity came from the desire of many leaders in the arts community in our state to create a way to work together as artists, professional companies, and educators to preserve and strengthen our cultural legacy, traditions, and the creative impulse.


How does Infinity model work?

  1. Pick an event and just go! E-mail or call the person listed as the contact person about getting a ticket.
  2. Teaching ideas?
    Workshop is free for those who attend the event, including the pre-event and reflection chat.
  3. Credit?
    Credit is earned by completing the entire Infinity track as shown in the above, including collaborating with another educator who attended.
  4. Do you have to do the whole Infinity track to participate?
    No. All educators are welcome and encouraged to participate in Infinity at whatever level they desire. Those who are just interested in the left loop can request licensure points for the portions they complete. Infinity events also fulfill endorsement requirements for candidates who have secured prior approval.

How do I Produce an Infinity Event?

An Infinity initiative is a collaboration between two state agencies (UAC and USOE) and you, the presenting community. Final approval must come from one or both of these agencies. It is our desire that every community have Infiity events to foster lifelong learning and participation in the Arts. More information.