A Pathway is a method of searching for a career that fits a student's interests and lifestyle and then allows the student to build academic courses around it. The Pathway recommends individual high school courses – both academic and career-related – to concentrate on which are specifically geared toward the student's chosen career. All of this planning starts as early as middle/junior high school and continues as the student advances through high school.

5-1 Star Jobs in Utah
5-1 Star Jobs in Utah
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Technology and Engineering Education Pathways

Architectural Design (CAD/Drafting)
Mechanical Design (CAD/Drafting)

Our Mission

Technology and Engineering Education is committed to preparing students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities by teaching them to understand, design, produce, use, and manage the human-made world in order to contribute and function in a technological society.

General Tips

The two Utah Technology and Engineering Pathways are designed to give students a foundational understanding of the worlds of engineering and engineering technology.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) pre-engineering Pathway is a nationally developed curriculum that puts students through four or five rigorous courses. The courses are designed to give students relevant engineering experiences where they use language arts, math, and science concepts in real-world applications and settings.

  • Foundation course offerings are Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, and Digital Electronics.
  • Specialty course options from which a student chooses are Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Engineering Design and Development.
  • Students also take a year of math, science and language arts each year they are in the pathway.

The Utah pre-engineering pathway is a set of four rigorous courses that introduce students to the world of engineering and engineering technology.

  • Foundations of Technology, Engineering Design, and Materials and Processes are semester based courses designed to give students foundational pre-engineering experiences.
  • The Pre-engineering course is the capstone course of the Utah pathway, where students receive real teamwork experience researching, designing and producing a functioning prototype to solve an engineering problem.
  • This pathway is flexible and needs to involve the district and the high school in its design and the layout of its expectations.
  • Students also take a year of math, science and language arts each year they are in the pathway.

Tips for Teachers and Counselors

  • Teachers can provide pathway information to students, parents, and counselors so that students can maximize their educational opportunities in the engineering and engineering technology fields.
  • Through the SEOP process, students may take advantage of courses in the technology and engineering area that will count as science credits toward graduation.

Leadership Opportunities

The Career and Technical Student Organization for these pathways is TSA – Technology Student Association. TSA provides students with opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills, self-confidence, and an understanding of current career issues.

Transition to Postsecondary and/or Career

These pathways should implement a variety of Work-Based Learning (WBL) experiences. WBL experiences allow students to see how classroom instruction connects to the world of work and future career opportunities.

Our vision is to see that every student receives the academic knowledge and technical skills needed to be successful in the technology and engineering career of his or her choice, by combining engineering principles, mathematics, and science courses that result in a logical thought process. Technology and Engineering Education students will develop essential career preparation skills through technical and academic courses, as well as personal leadership opportunities.