Electronics 2 

The second in a sequence of courses that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to assemble and operate electrical/electronic equipment used in business, industry, and manufacturing. Instruction includes training in safety, numbering systems, Boolean algebra, logic diagrams, digital devices, and combinational logic circuits.

Strands and Standards
Test Points by Strand

  • Test Number: 652
  • Core Code:
  • Levels: 10-12
  • Course Length: 0.5 Credit
  • Number of Questions: See Test Points by Strand
  • Test Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Eligibility: Successful completion of the course strands and standards.

Performance Evaluation

Required Tracking Form
The performance documentation is required to be submitted to the school testing coordinator on the day of the test.

Performance Documentation

Optional Tracking Form
The student performance evaluation is a required component of the skill certification process. Each student must be evaluated on the required performance objectives. Performance objectives my be completed and evaluated any time during the course.

Performance Objectives


Students who achieve 80% (moderately to highly skilled) on all performance objectives and 80% on the written test will be issued a CTE skill certificate.