Computer Technology I

Computer literacy is a foundational element of success in today’s technology-driven world. This course is intended for students to learn concepts associated with key application software, basic computing fundamentals, and ethics and appropriate behavior while using technology as a tool in the classroom and in life. This course is aligned with national and international standards and the Utah Core to prepare students across multiple levels of skills. Students have the opportunity to test out of this course by successfully passing Certiport’s IC3 GS4 certifications.

Standards and Objectives
Test Points by Standard

  • Test Number: 250
  • CIP Code: 52.0417
  • Levels: 10-12
  • Course Length: 0.5 Credit
  • Number of Questions: See Test Points by Standard
  • Test Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Eligibility: Successful completion of the course standards and objectives.

Performance Evaluation

Required Tracking Form
The performance documentation is required to be submitted to the school testing coordinator on the day of the test.

Performance Documentation

Optional Tracking Form
The student performance evaluation is a required component of the skill certification process. Each student must be evaluated on the required performance objectives. Performance objectives my be completed and evaluated any time during the course.

Student Performance Evaluation
Summary Score Sheet

Teacher Helps

FBLA-PBL Format Guide
Keyboarding Technique
Proof Reader Marker
Vocabulary List


Students who achieve 80% (moderately to highly skilled) on all performance objectives and 80% on the written test will be issued a CTE skill certificate.