A Pathway is a method of searching for a career that fits a student's interests and lifestyle and then allows the student to build academic courses around it. The Pathway recommends individual high school courses – both academic and career-related – to concentrate on which are specifically geared toward the student's chosen career. All of this planning starts as early as middle/junior high school and continues as the student advances through high school.

5-1 Star Jobs in Utah
5-1 Star Jobs in Utah
Pathways List

Information Technology Education Pathways

Digital Media
Network and IT Support
Programming/Software Development
Web Development and Administration

Our Mission

Information Technology (IT) Education prepares students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in the growing field of Information Technology in partnership with industry.

This is accomplished through technical instruction in the classroom, experiential education in the laboratory, student internships, and industry/skill certification. IT education programs also encourage and promote teamwork, lifelong learning, hands-on experience, ethical behavior, and communication skills.

General Tips

  • The Utah Information Technology (IT) Education Pathways are based on the national skills standards, where applicable, and established state standards.
  • Specific course offerings vary by school. Many IT courses are also available at local colleges and ATCs. Students should see their school counselors to take advantage of these courses.
  • Many courses offer concurrent enrollment opportunities for students and may provide a seamless transition for students in the IT programs at the college level.

Tips for Teachers and Counselors

  • By taking IT courses, students can obtain industry certification and be ready to work in careers such as computer programming and computer networking.
  • To complete a Pathway, students must complete the foundation courses listed that generally equal 3.0 total credits.
  • Utah’s IT education program is a charter member of the U.S. Department of Education’s Information Technology Career Cluster Consortium.
  • It is important for counselors to note that students interested in careers in IT should also take academic courses.

Leadership Opportunities

Utah IT students who want to participate in a leadership organization should choose from the following organizations, depending on what is available at their school: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), SkillsUSA, and Technology Student Association (TSA).

Transition to Postsecondary and/or Career

  • Each Pathway in Information Technology Education is a sequence of courses that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills necessary to enter their chosen field of study and increase their earning potential while still in high school and later, as they pursue postsecondary education.
  • Preparation for postsecondary education and concurrent enrollment articulation are also high priorities of each IT Pathway.
  • A variety of Work-Based Learning (WBL) experiences should be implemented throughout the pathway. WBL experiences allow students to see how classroom instruction connects to the world of work and future career opportunities.

Our vision is to see that every student interested in an IT career receives the academic knowledge and foundational technical skills needed to be successful in the IT career field of his or her choice and postsecondary education.