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Educator Endorsements

Application Process

There are two parts to the application process.

Background Check
Qualified candidates for licensure must first complete a criminal background check. Candidates pay fees and receive an authorization form for the background check online at

Complete the related application, license and/or endorsement application(s). Each program has specific applications; make sure to use the correct application(s). Do not leave any information categories blank. Attach the supporting documentation such as official college transcripts, letters to verify employment (do not send letters of reference or resumes), test scores, copies of current professional licenses or other documentation requested by the state specialist.

Getting Started

As you get started with the licensing process, there are two distinct components of which you need to be aware to keep you on track. You need both components to teach Career and Technical Education courses.

A license is an authorization issued by the Utah State Board of Education that permits the holder to serve in a professional capacity in the public education system or an accredited private school.

An endorsement is a specialty field or area earned through course work equivalent to at least an academic minor or through demonstrated competency. Endorsements are listed on the Professional Educator License indicating the specific qualification(s) of the holder.

Routes to Licensure

There are several ways to earn a Professional Educator License.

  1. University Teacher Preparation Program
    The traditional route to earning a Professional Educator License. A license is issued to an individual who completes a university teacher preparation program. Contact the university teacher preparation program for more information.
  2. Alternative Routes to Licensure Program (ARL)
    A teacher preparation program for individuals who currently hold a bachelor’s degree or have a combination of work experience and education. Click here for additional information.

    a. Bachelor’s Degree
    Applicants have a degree major in a subject taught in Utah secondary schools.

    b. Non-Bachelor’s Degree
    Applicants have work experience in related CTE area.

    c. CTE Specialty
    Applicants have valid industry license in related CTE area.

Endorsement and SAEP Information

There are two ways in which to earn an endorsement.

Endorsements are requested when a licensed educator wants the authorization to teach outside his/her current endorsement area(s). All endorsement requirements should be completed before the application is submitted. A processing fee of $25.00 is the responsibility of the educator and must be submitted with the endorsement application.

A State Approved Endorsement Plan (SAEP) is requested by an educator or district when that district has assigned the educator to teach outside of his/her endorsement area(s). The educator must have at least nine semester hours of related course work and/or two years of related work experience and complete the endorsement requirements within the timeframe identified in the plan. Since the SAEP is required by the district, the $35.00 processing fee is the responsibility of the district and must be submitted with the SAEP application.

The following endorsements are available for licensed educators seeking to teach Information Technology Education courses. Click on the endorsement name for application and instructions.

A+ (Computer Repair/Maintenance)
Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA)
Computer Science, Level 1
Computer Science, Level 2
Database Development (Oracle)
Exploring CS
Geospatial Information Systems (GIS
Introduction to Information Technology
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Web Development 

Note: Please complete interactive PDF form electronically. Once completed, print and send in form as outlined in application instructions.

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