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College and Career Readiness Certificate


HB198 creates the Strengthening College and Career Readiness Program, a grant program for local education agencies, to improve students' college and career readiness through enhancing the skill level of school counselors to provide college and career counseling; and directs the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) to: develop a certificate for school counselors that certifies that a school counselor is highly skilled at providing college and career counseling; award grants to local education agencies, on a competitive basis, for payment of course fees for courses required to earn the certificate.

The Utah State Board of Education will collaborate with Utah Board of Regents, educational entities, and business/industry partners to create a certificate program for working school counselors to increase their competencies in college and career readiness counseling. This certificate program is comprised of three components. See below.

  • Component One
    4 Modules through Utah State University or the University of Utah
  • Component Two
    USBE Professional Development
  • Component Three
    USBE Will Develop This Module with Partners in Business and Industry

Legislative funding provides implementation of the College and Career Readiness Certificate program for 600 practicing school counselors. Qualifying districts and charters will apply to cover the cost of counselors’ coursework. If participants do not complete Component One of the certificate within the assigned cohort, the participants themselves or the district will need to reimburse for the cost of the coursework.

Background for Component One
Through the College Access Challenge Grant Program (CACG), University of Utah and Utah State University developed a customized curriculum based on the Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) College and Career Initiative modules, which have since been infused into Utah’s pre-service training programs at both universities. These four customized modules are Component One of the College and Career Readiness Certificate.

Background for Component Two
Over the last three years, the USBE has updated professional development for school counseling programs called Basic Training Essentials to focus on program changes and updates around college and career readiness. An advisory group will review the latest version of this training for additional updates in Career Literacy. This professional development will become Component Two of the College and Career Readiness Certificate.

Background for Component Three
This component will be developed in the fall of 2015 by the USBE with an advisory group of individuals from business and industry. Once developed, Component Three will be housed in UEN for all to access.

Information Sheet

Completion of Coursework

Participants would be required to submit an action plan for implementation in schools after completion of certificate coursework (included in component three).

Completing all three components of the certificate program will enhance school counselors’ work toward helping students achieve their college and career readiness goals.

Application for Certificate Program Coursework

School counselors will apply through their LEAs. As outlined in the bill, priority will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • The school where the school counselor is housed has an approved Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program.
  • The school meets the school counselor-to-student ratio of 1:350, according to Board Rule R277-462.
  • The school counselor is licensed as a school counselor according to Board Rule R277-506.

Application for the certificate program due:

  • May 1st for Summer and Fall Semesters
  • October 1st for Spring Semester

Application for Adding to Licensing

After completing all three components, school counselors will need to complete the application
for adding the certificate to their license. School counselors will receive the application via E-mail
upon completion of the program.

Should you have any additional questions, contact colin[dot]metzger[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Colin Metzger) at (801) 538-7647.