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Software and Textbooks

State-Approved Instructional Materials

It is the purpose of Utah State Instructional Materials Commission to determine, which instructional materials may be adopted for use in Utah schools. This helps to ensure that materials used are the best available and to eliminate inferior or undesirable material.

Instructional materials mean textbooks or materials used as, or in place of, textbooks and which may be used within the state curriculum framework for courses of study by students in public schools to include: textbooks, workbooks, computer software, online or Internet courses, DVDs and multiple forms of communication media. These materials shall be designed for student use, may be accompanied by or contain teaching guides and study helps, and shall appear on Utah's online Recommended Instructional Materials System (RIMS) searchable database of recommended instructional materials.

Recommended Instructional Materials System Database

All elementary and secondary Keyboarding instructional materials can be searched for by clicking on RIMS Database link. Follow the instructions as outlined below:

Step 1: Search by Subject:
CTE/Business Education

Step 2: Search by Category:
Business Management and Admin Services

Step 3: Search by Course:
Elementary Keyboarding or Keyboarding I or Keyboarding Applications

A list of state-approved materials for the course you selected will appear by publisher. Specific information may be viewed by clicking on a specific title.