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Our Mission

The mission of K-12 Keyboarding is for all Utah students to possess keyboarding competence by high school graduation. Proper keyboarding instruction begins before 3rd grade and is reviewed in each succeeding grade to allow students to achieve a high degree of proficiency. Students are assessed for keyboarding competence in elementary and secondary keyboarding programs.

Keyboarding Standards for Students

Grades K-2

  • Students will be introduced to touch keyboarding techniques and correct fingering.
  • Mouse-driven software is recommended for K-2 students.

Grades 3-5

  • Students will learn touch keyboarding techniques, with emphasis on correct fingering.
  • Students will achieve a minimum of 25 words per minute by the end of 5th grade.

Keyboarding Assessment

Grades 6-8

  • Students will use proper touch keyboarding techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of basic word processing functions and
  • Students will develop composing skills at the keyboard.
  • Students will achieve a minimum of 35 words per minute by the end of 8th grade.

Grades 9-12

  • Students will exhibit keyboarding competency in other curriculum areas.
  • Students will successfully complete the Computer Technology graduation requirement.

Critical Literacy Skill

To graduate, students must complete a Computer Technology class in high school. In order to successfully pass this class, a student must know how to keyboard correctly.

Today, efficient keyboard and computer operation is a necessary and critical skill for the majority of occupations. Keyboarding is an expected tool for communication throughout one's life.

With the widespread use of computers in schools and homes, keyboarding instruction has moved to the elementary grades. Younger children are becoming fluent computer users. It is important for them to learn proper keyboarding techniques early so they do not develop bad habits that are very hard to break.

Career Preparation

Ninety-six percent of all jobs require effective keyboarding skills.