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Curriculum Resources

At least 63% of the entire U.S. workforce (or 86 million people) uses a computer of some type on the job daily, in every conceivable application—from receptionists answering computerized telephone systems to cashiers ringing up sales on registers that are tied into vast computerized databases.

Students gain a knowledge of the accounting cycle, entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, compiling end-of-period worksheets, adjusting and payroll systems, and writing and communication examples.

Administrative Procedures
Students gain an understanding of communication skills; management of time, finances, resources, and records; current and upcoming technology and its impact on the business office; human relations and how to be professional in today’s office; and job seeking skills.

Business Communication
Students gain a solid communication base, so they are able to function effectively in any course of study and in our global society.

Business Law
Students will gain an understanding of the law as it relates to them currently and the implications of the law in their future lives as well as the lives of their family and friends.

Business Web Page Design
Students gain skill development in the electronic procedures of producing, editing, publishing, and maintaining documents on the Internet.

Computers in Business
This course introduces students to key business concepts including: economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and desktop publishing. Students will apply knowledge of these concepts through business simulations and preparation of a business plan.

Computer Technology
Students gain an understanding of computer application software that includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, and telecommunications.

Student increase keyboarding skill through drill practice and reinforcement of correct techniques.

Word Processing
Students gain the invaluable skills of editing and proofreading documents, performing standard file management procedures, keyboarding, and creating applicable business documents to simulate a real-life job environment.

Resources are available due to the efforts and submissions of teachers throughout the state of Utah. They have been collected your use, modify as needed.

Please share your own lesson ideas and resources. wendi[dot]morton[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Click here) to submit what you have, and the Business Education Lesson Plan Team will format and organize all material.